Letter from Palmer C. Ricketts to James Hall (1895)

Dear Prof. Hall:

The death of Prof. Nason makes it necessary for us to get a man to teach Mineralogy and Geology. I propose if I can to put these subjects in one term and have them extend over all of it but not into the next term. In such a case we would need the services of a man for half a year only. Is there a bright man, in the employ of the state with headquarters at Albany, who could come up for part of a day for about 17 weeks of the year? I would not want anyone who could not control a class or one who could not make a class work. If you can give me an immediate answer to this letter you will greatly oblige me though I know you are very busy. I should like the names of one or two men if there are any.

Yours Very Truly,

Palmer C. Ricketts

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