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Metamorphic Petrology Lab at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Designing a database for metamorphic petrology

MetPetDB home page: http://metpetdb.rpi.edu

All Published Samples in MetPetDB are here: http://metpetdb.rpi.edu/MetPetRest/parse_publications.html

Working group

Workshop report (pdf)

Letter From Frank Spear:

We are now in the process of working out the database schema, user interface, access protocols etc. and it is our goal to have a prototype working within the first year that we can present to the working group for comments.

We have set up a web wiki for updates, feedback, and comments. The URL is


This is mainly a support page and a description of the data model and current progress. 

All Published samples in MetPetDB can be found here: http://metpetdb.rpi.edu/MetPetRest/parse_publications.html