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Metamorphic Petrology Lab at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Program Gibbs

Frank S. Spear


Program GIBBS is a generaluzed Jacobean transformation algorithm designed to perform thermodynamic calculations of heterogeneous phase equilibria useful to metamorphic petrology. The program is designed to produce graphical output of results (phase diagrams, P-T diagrams, etc.) and there are several modules sesigned to facilitate a number of different types of phase equilibrium calculations. Check out the following links to see some of the capabilities of Program Gibbs:

Program Gibbs supports multiple thermodynamic data sets including

  • Spear, Pattison and Cheney (2000, unpublished)
  • Gibbs tutorial data set (ca. 1990, S and V only)
  • Holland and Powell (1998, JMG)

Gibbs Downloads - Program, manuals, tutorials, short course notes