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Data for limited distribution within the Watson group at RPI
Schematic diagrams Materials Equipment info
Autorad dark box (pdf)
Cathodoluminoscope (JRSC 3C26)
Scope & spectrometer (pdf)
Low -P Furnaces
Deltech wiring schematic (pdf) Barnstead Thermolyne Type F1500 Muffle Furnace (pdf)
Deltech power bars
Piston Cylinder
Blue Press Wiring Schematic Consumables (pdf) PID Controller Info by D. M. Carr of Eurtotherm (pdf)
Base Plug (3/4") (pdf) Supplies (pdf) Controller settings, Eurotherm 818 (excel)
Base Plug Sleeve (3/4") Eurotherm 2408 manual (pdf)
Benchtop Press W-Carbide pusher block (pdf)
Design sheets - slim 3/4"
Includes Salt Cell Press
Heating profile
Delrin taper fill (pdf)
8.0 mm capsule (pdf)
Permeability Capsule (pdf)
8.75 mm capsule (pdf)
LCR meter test configuration (pdf)
Permeameter (pdf)

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