The Trilobite

The trilobite is a creature somewhat resembling a modern pill-bug that roamed the seas of Cambrian and Pre-Cambrian Earth. It is symmetrical, like most early life, and segmented; each leg is matched by a segment of "armor" covering the back.

There are nine orders of trilobites, and over fifteen thousand species within those orders, making it the largest and most diverse group of known animals in the fossil record.

The following images show the model making process, as well as details on the internal organs of the trilobite.

Links to further images:
Four-window view of model
Underside view of trilobite, minus legs
Process image with partial armor
Initial process image of internal organs
Process image of internals, color coded

Links to resources used in creating:
A Guide to the Orders of Trilobites
The Cambrian Period
Trilobite Internal Anatomy
Herefordshire Lagerstatte - 3D

The model:
Complete - Viewable with Maya 4.5

These models were produced as part of an independent study class with Jonathan Price, in conjunction with the Current Topics in Earth Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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