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Metamorphic Phase


Frank S. Spear
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, New York
e-mail: spearf@rpi.edu



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Metamorphic Phase Equilibria and Pressure-Temperature-Time Paths is a monograph on metamorphic petrology written by Frank S. Spear and published by the Mineralogical Society of America. The book introduces concepts at an introductory level, and provides development to a graduate student level, so that the book may be used (selectively) in a variety of courses.

A list of chapters includes:

  1. An Introduction to Metamorphism and Metamorphic Processes
  2. The Metamorphic Facies
  3. Heat Flow and Metamorphism
  4. Crystal Chemistry of Rock-forming Minerals
  5. Composition Space: Graphical and Algebraic Analysis
  6. Homogeneous Phase Equilibria
  7. Activity Models for Phases of Petrologic Importance
  8. Heterogeneous Phase Equilibria
  9. Phase Relations in the System SiO2-Al2O3-CaO-Na2O-K2O-H2O (CKNASH): Model Systems for Pelites, Quartzo-feldspathic Gneisses and Anatexis
  10. The Metamorphism of Pelites
  11. The Metamorphism of Mafic Rocks
  12. The Metamorphism of Siliceous Dolomites (Calc-silicates)
  13. Metamorphism of Ultramafic and Cordierite-Anthophyllite Rocks
  14. Oxides and Sulfides in Regional Metamorphism
  15. The Calculation of Metamorphic Phase Equilibria I: Geothermometry and Geobarometry
  16. The Calculation of Metamorphic Phase Equilibria II: P-T-X-M Phase Relations
  17. The Origin and Interpretation of Zoned Metamorphic Minerals
  18. The Determination of Fluid Composition from Mineral-fluid Equilibria and Fluid Inclusions
  19. The Flow of Fluids during Metamorphism
  20. Temperature-time Histories: Radiogenic Isotopes in Metamorphism
  21. Metamorphic P-T paths and Tectonic Evolution: Examples


The monograph is available from the

Mineralogical Society of America
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